Svelby Art

Moscow, Russia.


Pop arts with celebs & Nudes.

It was only pop-art paintings with celebs here. Now i had uploaded my nu arts. I hope You'll love it. Buy stuff and canvas with new art works!
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I am artist and You are welcome! (C)

I'm glad to welcome you on my site. I'm russian artist and writer from Moscow. I was born in 1985 in Magadan. Yep! It's a very small town on the shore of the sea of Okhotsk in the far East, Russia. Probably it's too far from many of you. And I could describe a million stories about living childhood in small soviet town. Definitely i will do it in my books in future.

Here you can buy Canvas, Prints, Phone cases (iPhone & Galaxy, portable battery chargers), Home Decor (throw pillow, duvet cover, shower curtain, towels & round beach towels, coffee mugs), Bags (tote bags, weekender bags and carry-all pouches), Clothing (tshirt, top & onesie) and Greeting Cards with celebrities.
Plus Royalty Free License & Rights Managed License! To buy license go there.

I have one more profile on DeviantArt. There you can buy some stuff with these arts as well.

I have several instagram accounts. It's like albums by theme:
@svelby_art main with my arts. You can follow it to be aware about new stuff are coming on sale here. ;)
@svelby_photo some time ago i did photography. now i am more focused on arts, but i will upload my old photo works there. ;)
@svelby_quote everyone likes quotes, so do I. and sometimes i feel itch to share smth what is in my heart and in my mind.
@svelby_standup it's in russian, but still You can feel free to follow it. ;)
@svelby_cat oh, yeah! I have a cat, it's a girl 11 years old and love her sooo much!

Plus I'm selling my old handmade works. You can look through and buy some here.

Hope you enjoy it!