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Damn Make-up

October 11th, 2014

Damn Make-up

"I swear there is NO editing here! (well, I won't lie, I cut the image to make it square).
I was preparing myself for a photoshoot, and after I painted one eye and put one of the contact lenses, I was like, 'woah, makes a difference'. Had never really realized until now. Pale perfect skin, blue feline eye, big lips. And then freckled face, brown eye, no eyelashes.
Bam, cleaned my right side and took a picture. Sweet.

Just look at what make-up can do.
Me gusta."

And my god, when I saw this afternoon the response, like 400+ comments? A hot debate I created about beauty, being natural or not. I kinda feel like a troll

But on to the point,

Please, I just want to say before anyone jumps into conclusions, I am neutral on the matter.
I don't care if wearing make-up is good or bad, or makes you look better or worse.
I'm just stating the obvious; people can be transformed by make-up.

My purpose of this is to actually show make-up is another form of ART, and to me, being the most important tool in my work, makes wonders.
Sometimes being natural is boring (NOT ugly I say), and my goal is to create characters that can't exist but are born and molded from my head to you by makeup. And they are not always beautiful, not to me. But I don't care.

I don't know if any of you get it, what I'm trying to say, or if it makes any sense.
But whatever, thought I had to say it.

thank you for everything.



So agree with Cristina. It's different view, not beauty and ugly.

and here is my version:

Kvartet I about modern art

October 11th, 2014

Kvartet I about modern art

I've been to New-York, Solomon R Guggenheim Museum, on the fifth floor they had contemporary art exhibition.
Firts thing thing i saw there was a painting with some kind of yellow parallelepiped on it. On description it said yellow parallelepiped.
I thought to myself: "Well, actually 100 years ago Malevich drew something like that already. This theme has been done."
Next exibit was some rubbish surrounded by a rope and signed: "pile of junk."
After this i was able to guess names of exibits easily.
Further on i saw a WC with excactly same rope and signature: "Toilet out of order".
I got confused: "Either this is a real toilet and it is broken or is it a piece of art by the name "Toilet out of order"?"
So did you find out which one is it?
I didnt see the point in guessing either i'll take a piss into a broken toilet and then i'll have problems with the museum's security or ill take a whizz into a peice of art, i might as well piss in this artitst's soul.
So i moved on to look for a piece of art by the name "Lavatory is in order".